Our goal at Entreprises A. R. Hourie is to satisfy and exceed customer expectations.
We believe this is best achieved by executing construction works that comply with the following:
• Customer stated and implied requirements
• Applicable product standards and specifications, and regulatory requirements
• Agreed timeframe
• Defined budget
• Safety requirements
• An open and transparent relationship with the Client
As a means to achieve our goal, enhance customer satisfaction and continually improve our processes, we operate a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 Standard, now upgraded to the 2015 version.
This company policy is communicated within our organization, and company management and technical staff are kept conversant with the requirements of the Standard.

BSI granted Entreprises A.R. Hourie certificate No.FS 67340 for compliance with its requirements in general contracting, building construction, infrastructure, public and civil works.